About Xtentia Life sciences

About Xtentia Life Sciences

Xtentia Life Sciences is a specialty pharmaceutical company, focused on sustainable medical breakthroughs to improve existing treatments and efforts on the development of new treatments for the supportive care of patients in critical conditions and/or with debilitating conditions arising as a consequence of surgery, kidney transplant and cancer treatment.

Xtentia life sciences is a global diversified healthcare company that manufactures and supplies products for different medical conditions. These products are used by hospitals, clinical and medical research laboratories, kidney dialysis centers, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, doctors’ offices and by patients at home under physician supervision.



Mission is to invest in and operate businesses that restores health and enhances the life of those we serve. Together with healthcare professionals and business associates, we take heart that our products play a role in the restoration of health and enhancement of life in those who use and trust them.


Our Vision

Becoming the leading player in pharmaceutical healthcare industry, creating greater value to customer and business partner.

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Why choose us

  • We providing the best generic medicines, as well as the latest pharmaceutical formulations
  • Offering high-quality pharma products across the globe
  • Employing modern technology for formulation development and manufacturing
    • 10+ latest products and many more
    • Dedicated units for the production of various medicines, Expertise in a Wide Range of Pharma Services
    • Exporting of products to more than 25 countries across the globe
    • Highly experienced and dedicated team of pharma professionals, technocrats, manufacturing and analytical chemists
why choose us